Sculpt Icon Vol II // 18 Piece Rose Gold Brush Set
Sculpt Icon Vol II // 18 Piece Rose Gold Brush Set

Sculpt Icon Vol II // 18 Piece Rose Gold Brush Set



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Sculpt Icon Vol II // 18 Piece Rose Gold Brush Set
Sculpt Icon Vol II // 18 Piece Rose Gold Brush Set
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Sculpt Icon Vol II. 18 Piece Brush Set 

Our Vol II. Rose Gold Edition Brush Set inspires brush lust. Giving you a bigger and bolder signature set to create any make up look. Our soft premium bristles are encased in a rose gold ferrule with a beautiful pink handle. 

Sculpt Icon Vol II. are designed to include every brush you need to create a full face. Each brush is made from the finest natural and synthetic hair, making these beauties ideal for your everyday and full glam vanity. 

Sculpt Icon Vol II. 18 Piece Brush Set includes;

  • SC16 DELUXE POINTED POWDER BRUSH - The soft bristles on this beauty allow you to seamlessly apply powders. A perfect tool for creating a soft wash of bronzer or highlight around the face. Can also be used for powder blush. Made from natural hair.
  • SC17 LARGE PRO POWDER BRUSH - This soft luxurious brush, applies loose and pressed powder or bronzer. Giving you a diffused wash of colour on the skin. Made from natural and synthetic hair blend.
  • SC18 PRO FLAT FOUNDATION BUFFER BRUSH - Flawlessly blends in foundation or base products for a photo finish base. Made from natural and synthetic hair blend.
  • SC19 PRO POINTED POWDER - This detailed, fluffy brush tapers to a defined point to sweep on contour or highlight for a defined application on your skin. Made from natural hair.
  • SC20 TAPERED CHEEK BRUSH - Full and fluffy brush, flawlessly buffs blush or highlight on cheeks in a natural look. Made from natural hair.
  • SC21  MINI POINTED POWDER - A must have! Soft tapered brush is perfect for highlighter or bronzer to define your look. Made from natural synthetic hair blend.
  • SC22 TAPERED CREASE BRUSH - This must have, magic brush, has bristles that gather into a point for defining the crease area. Made from synthetic hair.
  • SC23 ROUND BLENDER BRUSH - Our fluffy blending brush buffs colour into the crease for a diffused wash of colour giving you soft, gentle lines. Made from natural hair. 
  • SC24 JUMBO UNDEREYE CONCEALER BRUSH - Our jumbo brush, gets you on top of your concealer game. With its soft rounded bristles, it makes your under eye area utterly flawless. Made from synthetic hair. 
  • SC25 TINY CREASE BLENDER BRUSH - A slim crease brush, used for packing product on and blends with a seamless transition effect. Made from natural hair
  • SC26 DOMED FLAT BLENDER BRUSH - Medium sized, pointed blending brush for controlled application of colour. Made from natural hair.
  • SC 27 DETAILED ROUND BLENDER BRUSH - This small detailed brush has a domed tip, that allows soft and diffused look. It applies and blends out shadow seamlessly. Made from natural hair.
  • SC 28 PRECISION PENCIL CREASE BRUSH - Apply shadow with precision and detail with our pointed detail brush. Made from natural hair.
  • SC 29 OVAL FLAT FLUFF BRUSH -  A rounded shader and fluff brush, that packs on the colour and softens shadow with soft blending edges. Made from natural hair.
  • SC30 MINI FIRM BLENDING BRUSH - This mini blender is great for detailed work and smaller eyes. Made from natural hair.
  • SC31 THIN EYELINER BRUSH - A thin, firm but flexible brush that perfectly lines the eye. Made from synthetic hair.
  • SC32 LARGE ANGLED LINER AND CARVING BRUSH - This large go to brush lets you carve out the eye and brow area for a flawless base application. Made from synthetic hair.
  • SC33 SMALL ANGLED EYE LINER BRUSH - Our firm, dense brush applies cream, gel or powder liner onto the eye line or onto the brows for precision application. Made from synthetic hair.
  • Brush Clutch in Rose Gold 

Sculpt Icon Vol II // 18 Piece Rose Gold Brush Set
Sculpt Icon Vol II // 18 Piece Rose Gold Brush Set