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Morphe Set 706, 12 Piece Black and White Travel Brush Set



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With eleven professional brushes included, 12 Piece Pro Sable Brush Set guarantees that a flawless complexion is achievable. Each brush in this fabulous collection is specially designed for a certain area of the face to ensure precise, complete creative control. With a selection of natural brushes for powder application and synthetic brushes to apply creams and liquids, this set is prepared to craft a multitude of effect and finishes.

Become the professional makeup artist you were meant to be with 12 Piece Pro Sable Brush Set.

  • Pointed Liner Brush - A delicately thin brush with a precise point to apply liner with the desired effect.
  • Angle Liner Brush - Excellent for tracing and exaggerating eye liner, and especially fabulous at crafting a winged effect.
  • Concealer Brush - The beauty tool needed to hide imperfections and blemishes.
  • Pencil Brush - Delivers precision application along the lash line, blending in the eye crease and dimensional shading on the lid.
  • Tapered Blender Brush - Magically blends transitional colours on the lid, as well as applying highlighting products to the upper and lower brow bone.
  • Round Blender Brush - Incredibly blends eye shadow creating a luscious effect.
  • Angle Blush/Contour Brush - Applies blusher magically whilst also proving to be necessary addition to a contouring set.
  • Foundation Brush - Application of base makeup is simplified with this incredible brush.
  • Bronzer Brush - Bronzer is buffed onto the complexion with complete artistic control due to this sensational beautynecessity.
  • Duo Foundation Brush - Stipples the foundation creating an immaculate base.
  • Powder Brush - Beautifully buffs the product across the complexion.