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Caudalie Premier Cru The Serum 30ml

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Reap the maximum benefits form all Caudalie skincare products and feel thoroughly revitalised with the help of this Premier Cru Serum, a revolutionary formula that will make you feel like a million dollars.

This serum helps optimise the effects of other Caudalie products when combined. For example, the Premier Cru Cream has proven to be seven times more effective at reducing the visible appearance of wrinkles when used with the Premier Cru Serum.

Like all Caudalie products, this formula is beautifully packaged and makes an ideal gift. It feels luxurious to the touch and works to leave skin with a visible glow that would make anyone feel unique and special.

As well as helping to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, this serum is designed to brighten the complexion and restore skin’s natural elasticity.

Key Benefits:
  • Helps skin absorb other Caudalie products
  • Contribute to the reduced appearance of wrinkles
  • Acclaimed anti-ageing product
  • Cool and sensual
  • Just a few drops work wonders