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Alpha H | Liquid Laser Concentrate

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The cornerstone of the Liquid Laser range, this velveteen gel-serum provides weightless, long-lasting hydration, whilst toning, firming and brightening skin with a cocktail of plant extracts, natural AHAs and the latest hexapeptide technology. Starring Juveleven a revolutionary new ingredient which mimics the action of Hydra Jellyfish (nicknamed the immortal jellyfish for their unique ability to regenerate themselves in their entirety indefinitely!) this phenomenal treatment serum synthesises the four key proteins responsible for this incredible, regenerative cycle. Reinvigorating at skins lowest levels, this triggers a Collagen renaissance rebuilding skins scaffolding to restore its former firmness while the unique, low pH delivery system compels cells to resist the ageing process; triggering repair to enhance epidermal thickness, increase resilience and reverse existing signs of DNA damage. Apply every night after cleansing with Liquid Laser Cleansing Oil, to wake up to plump, dewy, luminous skin. 50ml.

Bridging the gap between topical skin care and invasive treatments, Liquid Laser Concentrate delivers unparalleled anti-ageing results without the risks (or expense) of a visit to Harley Street. An intensive, overnight treatment serum, the potent formula is enriched with Juveleven an innovative new regenerative hexapeptide alongside Hydranov-P; an extract naturally derived from red algae, which mimics hyaluronic acid to increase and maintain skins optimal moisture levels. Alpha-Hs signature glycolic acid then gently exfoliates to refine skins texture and improve luminosity, while niacinamide (vitamin B3) increases cell energy to maximise the tightening, lifting and brightening effects. Ferulic acid a powerful antioxidant lightens discolouration, prevents pigmentation and restores radiance, while a cocktail of cucumber seed, hibiscus petal, white mulberry and waltheria indica works to diminish age spots and un do visible signs of sun damage.