Melkior | Shimmer Shadow

Melkior | Shimmer Shadow
Colour: Beige Copper,  Size: CompactColour: Beige Copper,  Size: Refill OnlyColour: Sky Peach,  Size: CompactColour: Sky Peach,  Size: Refill OnlyColour: Brown Sugar,  Size: CompactColour: Brown Sugar,  Size: Refill Only
Colour: Festive Gold,  Size: CompactColour: Festive Gold,  Size: Refill OnlyColour: Volcano,  Size: CompactColour: Volcano,  Size: Refill OnlyColour: White Gold,  Size: CompactColour: White Gold,  Size: Refill Only
Colour: Brownie,  Size: CompactColour: Brownie,  Size: Refill OnlyColour: Gold Rush,  Size: CompactColour: Gold Rush,  Size: Refill OnlyColour: Pink Champagne,  Size: CompactColour: Pink Champagne,  Size: Refill Only
Colour: Light Beige,  Size: CompactColour: Light Beige,  Size: Refill OnlyColour: xxx,  Size: CompactColour: xxx,  Size: Refill OnlyColour: Whisper White,  Size: CompactColour: Whisper White,  Size: Refill Only
Colour: Taupe,  Size: CompactColour: Taupe,  Size: Refill OnlyColour: Gold Metal,  Size: CompactColour: Gold Metal,  Size: Refill OnlyColour: Bronze Metal,  Size: CompactColour: Bronze Metal,  Size: Refill Only
Colour: Camee Rose,  Size: CompactColour: Camee Rose,  Size: Refill OnlyColour: Iris,  Size: CompactColour: Iris,  Size: Refill OnlyColour: Volcano,  Size: CompactColour: Volcano,  Size: Refill Only
Colour: Copper Glow,  Size: CompactColour: Copper Glow,  Size: Refill OnlyColour: Sky Peach,  Size: CompactColour: Sky Peach,  Size: Refill OnlyColour: Bright Nude,  Size: CompactColour: Bright Nude,  Size: Refill Only
Colour: New White,  Size: CompactColour: New White,  Size: Refill OnlyColour: Only You,  Size: CompactColour: Only You,  Size: Refill OnlyColour: Believe In,  Size: CompactColour: Believe In,  Size: Refill Only
Colour: Chestnut,  Size: CompactColour: Chestnut,  Size: Refill Only
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Brand:  Melkior

Here at Sculpt we know great make up, with the exclusive introduction of the cult Beauty Brand Melkior to the Irish Market. 


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Melkior bring you the ultimate pigments based shimmer eyeshadows. Highly pigmented colors. Soft texture. Strong coverage. Long-lasting. Great bendability. Even finish. Highly adherent texture. Shimmery shades to enhance eye color and create different looks from the most natural to more sophisticated make-up.. Available in compacts and single refills. 




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