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Crown | 706 Pro Essentials 16 Pieces Brush Set

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Sculpt brings you the best of Crown Brush.

The 706 Pro Essentials Brush Set includes a selection of 16 Makeup Brushes and they come with a roll up travel case to store them.

The Makeup Brushes included in the Brush Set are:

  1. Duo Fiber Powder Brush
  2. Tapered Powder Brush
  3. Angle Blush Brush
  4. Oval Foundation Brush
  5. Oval Concealer Brush
  6. Mascara Spoolie Brush
  7. Pointed Crease Brush
  8. Oval Shadow Brush
  9. Mini Smudger Brush
  10. Oval Lip Brush
  11. Angle Shadow Brush
  12. Detail Shadow Brush
  13. Deluxe Soft Fan Brush
  14. Angle Liner Brush
  15. Oval Fluff Brush
  16. Pointed Liner Brush

These brushes give you an amazing variety of Makeup Brushes and are perfect for any Make Up  Artist or Enthusiast.