Rose Facial Mist Spray

 This post may contain affiliate links. Rose water is a beautifully fragranced ingredient and it has lots of benefits of the skin. It has a calming, soothing effect, which can reduce temporary redness....

Cucumber & Aloe Vera Facial Mist Spray

When it comes to looking refreshed, keep a on-the-go hydrating mist handy at all times to instantly cool, calm and protect skin. And there are so many uses: Mist your face to re-hydrate and freshen your makeup, hydrate your hair and scalp, or as a toner that hydrates your skin.

Organic Ingredients to make your own cosmetics, that you can find in your kitchen

Have you ever wandered around the skincare aisle or scrolling ingredients online and thought that you recognise some of the ingredients and you maybe have even used then when cooking? Well that is because you probably have then in your cupboard or have use them previously. When reading organic skincare recipes you have probably realised that there are plenty of ingredients you probably already have around that you can experiment with before you drop too much money on skincare.  The chances are these kitchen sourced beauty hacks will be much cheaper and quite enjoyable to make! 

Get Stripped... With Lashes

Applying false eyelashes can easily make or break your big night out and you know we're talking from experience when we say that. Unfortunatley strip lashes are tricky, but you can learn!

Contouring 101 // Learn to get that polished look

Contouring... Getting the basics

The whole point of contouring is to enhance or change the shape of your face with makeup, but its effects don't have to be all that drastic. You can contour heavily to slim down areas of the face and give the face more prominent features or you can learn to embrace your natural shape and give yourself realistic-looking depth and dimension. That is what we are going to achieve!

Make Your Eye Pop NOW!

LETS FOCUS ON... Those Eyes

Banging eye make up is something that we all strive for, but what if I told you it could be so much easier if you just knew how to make your eyes pop! If you know the colours that make eyes stand out, then it is so much easier to make an impact with your make up. Certain colours just makeyour eyes stand out more and it is key to know these colours!