Retinols... why are these sooo good for our skin?

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Retinol is proven to take years off your appearance. It is a derivative of Vit A that helps boost collagen production and helps with skin cell turnover. The results from using this is even, smoother skin, which looks plumper. Regular use helps reduce the appearance of sun spots, fine lines, and wrinkles. It's because of this rapid cellular turnover that retinol is used in the treatment of acne and ageing skin. 

Your retinol should be applied at night. Skin repairs itself at night and the is a perfect time to layer on your retinol serums. Retinol is all about treatment for the skin and nighttime is a perfect time for this. Some retinol products are high in % of retinol within the product and may be too strong for your skin, so we recommend that you choose a retinol that is formulated with hydrating ingredients it can aid dryness and irritation to the skin. Irritation may occur, especially when you’re new to the ingredient. To begin with the treatment, apply a pea sized amount to the skin, avoiding the eye area. Start this every second or third night and build up after a few weeks if your skin isn't irritated. Follow with a moisturiser to keep flakiness under control.  If you are super sensitive you can layer your retinol on after your moisturiser to create a barrier that will help minimize irritation. You MUST wear SPF while using the retinol, as the skin is new skin that is coming through will not be able for sun exposure, this is key. 

You may find your skin is irritated by retinol, especially in the first two to four weeks of use. Please give it some time, at teh beginning, retinol can trigger dryness, burning, stinging, or peeling of the skin. You can try applying your moisturizer first, followed by your retinol, to reduce its absorption rate slightly. Once you establish that you can tolerate it, switch back to layering the retinol first, or go for a lower % of retinol in your product.


A note of warning if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, this is not the ingredient for you. There are lots of other alternatives that are safe out there, bakuchiol is a safe and effective option.


Some of our favourite retinol are: THE ORDINARY 5 PIECE EVERYDAY ESSENTIALS, gift collection containing five anti-ageing products to Create a glowing, youthful complexion. This is an absolute superstar to get your whole skin glowing!

3erum1ab Retinol Serum, is proven to improve mottled pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, skin texture, tone and color as well as your skins' hydration levels. Our Unique formula combines 5% Retinol with a synergetic blend of botanical extracts and oils for superior results with less irritation. 

PraNaturals Skin Perfector Face Serum KitWith 2.5% Retinol, this PraNaturals serum is specially formulated to target the signs of ageing. This serum will help in reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Retinol also boosts overall skin clarity and uneven skin tone for a brighter, more even complexion.

Nip + Fab Retinol Fix Serum Extreme 0.3%This carries a slightly lower amount (0.3%) of retinol serum for face is formulated to fight signs of aging. The retinol works to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve the skin’s elasticity, and even skin tone This also promotes cell turnover, boosts skin collagen and helps with production of collagen.

Revolution Skincare London, 0.5% Retinol and Rosehip Seed Oil Smoothing, Another option with a lower %, Revolution Skincare's 0.5% Retinol Serum encourages the natural cell turnover of your skin to reveal a smoother complexion and more even skin tone.

If Bakuchiol is your option then try these beauts: The INKEY List 1% BakuchiolBielenda Bakuchiol BioRetinol Rebuilding Anti-wrinkle Face SerumLimberLux Bakuchiol Face Oil Serum.



Disclaimer: This information and content does not replace that advice of a dermatologist or medical advice. Please seek medical advice if you suspect that you have a dermal condition. 

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