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LETS FOCUS ON... Those Eyes

Banging eye make up is something that we all strive for, but what if I told you it could be so much easier if you just knew how to make your eyes pop! If you know the colours that make eyes stand out, then it is so much easier to make an impact with your make up. Certain colours just makeyour eyes stand out more and it is key to know these colours!


You basics of colour theory come from the colour wheel.The colour wheel breaks down which colours that compliment each other by being directly opposite each other in the colour wheel. These are called complimentary colours.

Blue = Orange

Green = Red

Brown = Blue / Green


BLUE... Eyes

Orange eyeshodow make blue eyes instantly pop. That said, orange is not an eyeshadow colour for everyone, so thankfully we have plenty of alternatives. Think of the orange based tones of golds, bronzes, browns and peaches. Imaging anything that has that warmth of burnt orange within it.

GREEN... Eyes

Red is the complimentary colour of green so a red shadow will make your green eyes mesmerising! As before, the complimentary may not appeal to you, so there are easier, more wearble colours out there. Purples, Wines, Deep Pink Rose Gold are all beautifil on green eyes. You can also go back to the browns, just ensure that they are warm with hints of reds in them.

BROWN... Eyes

Brown eye are really blessed, in that they can wear almost anything and look good. Even brown shadows look great on brown eyes! The direct opposite colours of brown are Blue / Green. Blue is in purple, so anything in this colour family is beautiful on the eyes. Accent them with nude golds and warm neutrals to highlight.




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