Iconic Eye 12 Piece Brush Set Breakdown

We have an amazing Eye Make UP Brush Set i n our Sculpt Icon Range // The Iconic Eye 12 Piece Brush set.

Okay, I can hear you saying - "12 Brushes  just for my eyes?!!" So let us break down exactly what you need these brushes for! Once you learn how, when and why to use each brush it will make your application so much easier.

Launched after our combined face and eye brush sets 15 Piece Icon Brush Set, Vol II 18 Piece Icon Brush Set and The 10 Piece Essential Brush Set. This set focuses totally on your eyes and launch with a complimentary Eye Shadow Palette in our Nude Secrets 12 Colour Eye Colour Palette.

Check out the Iconic Eye Collection here.

Lets break down the brushes...

Shop the Iconic Eye Collection Here.


If you like our collection and like to save yourself some money, then check out our bundle offering of our 12 Piece Eye Make Up Brush Set and Nude Secrets 12 Colour Eyeshadow Palette to save here.


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