Gentle Lavender Antibacterial Mist

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Lavender skin facial mist is beautiful and can be used to ease skin irritation. Lavender is bursting with its anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antimicrobial and detoxifying benefits, lavender essential oil can help reduce redness, soothe and calm the skin and rapidly heal minor cuts and scrapes, as well as any rashes. It is a greta ingredient if it suits your skin and you enjoy the scent.

I love Lavender as a skincare ingredient. I love the smell but realise that it can be overpowering for some people so I keep that in mind when creating skincare too. It can irritate some skins, so be extra careful when formulating too. You should always patch test and advise anyone you are giving this to, to test too. It is not only a soothing, relaxing scent, but it can help balance your skin's natural bacteria and ease irritation.

Read on to learn how to make this beautiful mist now!

You Need:


To Make:

  1. Place water, lavender oil and witch hazel in your spray bottle.
  2. Shake it up and spray!

This recipes really is that simple!

Not a maker? 

If you love lavender and want the gorgeous spray but done want to make it, then check out these products that we love. 

Gya Labs Lavender Spray for sleep & skin, a gorgeous french Lavender  scent. 

Mario Badescu TRAVEL-FRIENDLY kit including Aloe, Chamomile & Lavender, the bundle gives you a taste of all of Mario Badescu beauts! These are amazing sprays and a mini kit is a great option to try them. 

Absolute Aromas Certified Organic Lavender WaterIts soothing, restorative, and cooling properties make this product a must have in any skincare routine. 

Alteya Organic Lavender Water. This tranquilizing fragrance helps calm the mind and soothe the senses, while soothing the skin.



Disclaimer: This information and content does not replace that advice of a dermatologist or medical advice. Please seek medical advice if you suspect that you have a dermal condition. 

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