Do you know how to wash your brushes?

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Washing your make up brushes sounds simple, but if you get it wrong you can damage the brushes or end up applying make up with dirty brushes... yuck! This one is simple, it is very easy steps to wash your brushes.

You should wash your brushes after each use, but if this seems too much then resign yourself to at least once per week if you use them daily. 

Some key tips:

  • Wash cream brushes ( brushes where you use liquid or cream products) separate to powder brushes. This is due to the cream products being harder to get out so don't let it transfer to your powder brushes as it is more work!
  • Separate your brushes into little piles and wash them 2 or 3 at a time. Ensure that the piles have brushes with a similar size for easier washing.
  • Use lukewarm water and let the tap run gently. Put a small blob (about the size of a €2 coin) into your hand, wet the bristles of the brush and run the bristles around your palm, very gently as they foam. Ensure not to press too hard as this can ruin teh shape of the bristles. 
  • Repeat this until the brushes are clean, brushes with cream products such as foundation and conceal take longer to clean, be patient and clean them thoroughly.
  • Once cleaned, use a towel to dry the handle throughly and gently dry your bristles is the direction that they are set. Leave on a window ledge or countertop with the bristles onto the edge so the air can reach them. I don't recommend placing them on radiators as the heat can melt the glue holding bristles in place. 
  • Use once dry completely!


Here are some of our favourite brush cleansers for you to use. 

AVEENO Baby Daily Care 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner is  gentle and effective cleaner that smells fresh & clean on your brushes. 

Childs Farm, Baby Shampoo, Unfragranced is another option for gentle cleansing your brushes with water. 

 ISOCLEAN Antibacterial Cleaner This is especially for sponges and cleans them to perfection. Isoclean also have a brush cleaner and a refillable cleaner pouch to save on plastic!

Parian Spirit Pump Brush Cleaner is a liquid cleanser, makeup artists swear by this brush cleaner as it's extremely powerful and effective against oil-based makeup

STYLPRO Premium Electric Makeup Brush Cleaner & Dryer Machine including Spinning Device & Professional Brush Cleanser Solution, Fits Most Brushes, Clean and Dry Brushes in Seconds, Award Winning

Makeup Brush Quick Cleaning Sponge Eye Shadow is a great cleaner for shadow or powder based products in between wet cleaning.



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Affiliate Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. Affiliate links come at no extra cost to you. These links allow us to share the products we authentically recommend (and use) and support our recipes by receiving a small commission. 


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