Contouring 101 // Learn to get that polished look

Contouring... Getting the basics

The whole point of contouring is to enhance or change the shape of your face with makeup, but its effects don't have to be all that drastic. You can contour heavily to slim down areas of the face and give the face more prominent features or you can learn to embrace your natural shape and give yourself realistic-looking depth and dimension. That is what we are going to achieve!

Products for contouring

You can use cream or powder based products for contouring. The choice is yours, usually powder is suited to oilier skin and cream to a drier skin. As far as the actual application process, contouring with powder or cream follows the same basic steps. The difference is that cream should be put in when the foundation is wet and not set and powder goes on when the foundation has been set or powdered.

Know your face

Once you apply your foundation, your face looks a little flat, a good place to start is right underneath cheekbones to create depth, along the hairline & along the jawline to define your face a little more, and some people like to shade around the tip of their nose. It's your face, so you decide! As far as the actual application process, apply where you want the colour to be the darkest.

How about a Step by Step

1.Prep your skin, by applying your moisturiser & a primer.

2. Apply your foundation all over, blending with a brush, apply your regular concealer over this, usually under your eyes to brighten them.

3. If you are using cream comtouring then you can continue with your cream contouring. If you are using powder products, then you powder & set the skin now with your setting powder.

4. Time for the contour & highlight application. Contour should be 1- 3 shades deeper than your foundation colour and Highlight should be 1- 3 shades lighter, this depends on how dramatic you want it. This is key... apply a little at a time and blend it out, especially at the edges, so it doesn't get harsh looking. 

5. Follow our diagram for an easy to apply look & follow the shadows of your *own* face shape. If you want to chisel your cheeks, blend a line of contour beneath your cheekbones. Soften a large forehead with contour at the hairline. If you love your nose, leave it alone! Highlight cheekbones & blush on the apples of the cheeks is a must.


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