Do you know how to wash your brushes?

Washing your make up brushes sounds simple, but if you get it wrong you can damage the brushes or end up applying make up with dirty brushes... yuck! This one is simple, it is very easy steps to wash your brushes. 

Make your own Papaya Lip Balm with ease

Know for its taste and gorgeous colour, papaya's leaves are a super-healing natural ingredient as well. Papaya leaves contain the papain enzyme, which is a rich source of immune-boosting antioxidants. This is what is used in the papaya skincare that you buy. We've a very easy DIY papaya recipe to make your own nourishing lip balm. This soothes the roughest lips!

Organic skincare that is amazing!

Have you had your head turned by organic skincare but don't know where to start? Welcome to the world of cosmetics! It is a complete head spinning experience if you are new to skincare and don't know much about it. Well the great news is that we are here to help you. There are superb brands out there and we've sifted through them to grant you access to the best!

Simple Oat Bath & Cleansing Water

This recipes couldn't be simpler. It soothes and aids irritated skin and is so easy I do it every bath time! This should be used on a regular basis, while once will aid irritation it won't clear skin conditions fully. 

Organic products for a Baby Skin

There are many advantages for using organic baby products for your baby. Whether you shop for baby food or skin care products, where you can, you should go for the organic version because to the many health benefits provided by them. We even show you how to DIY your own goodies!

The best affordable skin that you need now!

There are always times when we ant to cut back on treats and facials, expensive skincare and indulging spas are in this list for me. So we are forced to take matters into our own hands in terms of treating our skin to the best. The thing is skincare can get pretty expensive, but it does not always have to be this way. There are some brand that are outrageously priced however, I am here to tell you that skincare doesn’t have to cost a small fortune. These are the best affordable skincare brands that will solve all of your skincare woes. 

The best low cost Make Up Products you need!

I often get asked what are the best make up products out there. In truth there are so many items that are low cost and greta, some are awful though, it is a case of buyer beware. When I am recommending make up admittedly mostly full of products that would be considered luxury brands. Working in beauty means I am dealing with clients who want high end items on their skin, and rightly so, they are paying for the service.

How & why should you double cleanse?

There is a lot of talk about double cleansing and quite honestly some people make it sound super difficult, but it doesn't have to be. It can be really simple and it is one of the best treatments you can do for your skin. Traditionally in double cleansing you would use an oil to cleanse your skin first, followed then with a traditional cleanser. But I think that this is making it way harder than it needs to be, you can double cleanse with the same cleanser.

Green Tea and Tea Tree Facial Mist for Acne

Facial mists are always a good idea. The are soothing, refreshing and a really simple pick me up. You can spray onto your fresh face or over make up to refresh your face throughout the day. 

The blend of anti-inflammatory green tea and tea tree oil makes this the ideal face mist for those with oil or acne-prone skin, Tea tree has anti-bacterial and oil-controlling properties; the lovely green tea will aid the irritation in your skin. 

Gentle Lavender Antibacterial Mist

Lavender skin facial mist is beautiful and can be used to ease skin irritation, with its anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antimicrobial and detoxifying benefits, lavender essential oil can help reduce redness, soothe and calm the skin and rapidly heal minor cuts and scrapes, as well as any rashes.

Get your basic Make Up routine sorted now!

Are you a make up beginner or just a bit lost on make up and what to apply? If you are hoping to get a quick make up routine that will get you out the door in 5 minutes then this is your read! I am guilty of running out the door without my make up done on those busy mornings, but since I started my very basic routine I now have the spare 5 minutes and feel so much better when I put the effort in!