Top 10 Morphe Brushes

Saturday, 20 January 2018  |  Admin

 Morphe Single Makeup Brushes From the Sculpt Collection in store


—These are our top 10 must haves; 

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1. M310 Pro Fan Brush €6.95 : For those of us who love highlighting but don’t want to look like our cheekbones are shooting lasers at everyone who passes by, I swear by this brush. It’s shaped like a typical fan brush but it’s much thicker so your highlight gets diffused over your skin a little more than with a thin, precise brush.

2. M401 Pointed Powder €16.95 ; It's nice and fluffy but has enough precision to target the right areas of my face for precision baking under eye for example. It’s great for blush because it’s not too dense, so I get a nice natural flush rather than a lot of pigment on the apples of my cheeks.

3. M444 Round Deluxe Buffer €16.95 : For days when I’m wearing water base or just an illuminating product on my face (weekends & days off), I like a looser foundation brush. It’s not super dense so it blends any product in more naturally, meaning you can still see my skin underneath but it looks even.

4.M439 Premium Flat Buffer €17.95: There are a million options for foundation application, but when I’m going for a full coverage foundation, I love a flat-top brush. It really buffs everything into my skin without letting too much product sink into the brush. Plus, the flat top makes me look airbrushed instead of giving me those foundation streaks a lot of brushes do.

5. M501 Mini Pointed Powder €9.95: This brush fits right under my eye to set my concealer. Dewy skin is in, so there’s no need to powder your whole face. That’s why I like something smaller to get just the parts I need a little powder on.
6. M511 Deluxe Eye Blender €8.95: 
In my opinion the fluffier the better. This one is super soft and blends shadow like butter. I live sweeping it through the crease for a natural daytime blend, or adding drama in the crease area for night glam.

7. M167 Oval Shadow €7.95: 
I love this brush because its flat & I can pack dense colour over the eyelids with the flat edge, then blends it out with the top edge. Its definitely a multi tasker and I can use it to wash colour over the lid on casual days.

8. M502  Round top brush €7.95: 
This is a great brush for adding shadow on the lower lashline to give a look some subtle smoke. This brush adds just enough and never makes the line too harsh. Also great for adding pigment to an eye look. 

9. E57 Concealer Brush €8.95
This is a great brush for under eye concealer.
It is dense enough to pack on colour but still flexible enough to push it into the skin. The flat shape works to keep the coverage full without looking unnatural.

10. M158 Angle brow/spoolie €5.95
This dual ended brush is an absolute must for perfect precision brows. The angle end is sharp for gel brows or adding powder through the natural brow.

Wednesday, 26 June 2019  |  Admin
My top 5 products at Sculpt by Louise
Friday, 18 August 2017  |  Admin
Morphe 350, 350M, 350S Eyeshadow Palettes

As the first Morphe retailer in Ireland, we at Sculpt really know what the range is about. We have it all in store and online here, 35 pro palettes, 22a & 22b, Morphe brushes, 12 well eyeshadow palettes, facial palettes, Morphe Liquid Lipsticks and a full range of Morphe Brushes and Morphe Brush sets, to name just a few of our Morphe pieces.

Monday, 8 August 2016  |  Admin
SCULPT need YOU! Intern wanted!

Here at SCULPT we need your talent! We are seeking an Intern as part of Intreos First Steps Programme.
The candidates should ideally have the following;
A huge LOVE for all things, make up, beauty and hair.
Interest in learning about new industry trends
An interest in customer service & dealing with clients.
Interested in online social media, beauty and make up bloggers.
The desire to learn new skills, work with people and excel at your roel.
We will train you in make up, beauty, retail, customer service, social media, online marketing and customise training dependent on the type of candidate.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016  |  Admin
Siobhans, Irish GirlBoss Series Interview by Rouge Writing Hood

Chanel, Nars, Clarins and Benefit – these are just a few of the international cosmetic brands that every Irish woman stockpiles into her beauty bag. Last week, I interviewed Suzie O’Neill, creator of AYU Make Up who illustrated to us that home grown, Irish beauty tools could be manufactured to equally as high a standard as their foreign counterparts so, what about make up itself?

Monday, 13 June 2016  |  Admin
The Ultimate Tan - Bellamianta - Beautiful Aspirations

Bellamianta is the newest and most exciting brand which is based and manufactured right here in Ireland. With Bellamianta taking Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook by storm with bloggers and celebs like Suzanne Jackson of, Tara O' Farrell of, Nicola Hughes of Made in Chelsea and Michell Regazolli Stone of MRS Make Up all swooning about it we knew it was the perfect addition to Sculpt Cosmetics offering!

Wednesday, 1 June 2016  |  Admin
SO SU Contour Palette - Back in Stock at SCULPT

Here at Sculpt Cosmetics we strive to bring you the ultimate in current make up trends and what is hot right now! We all know that beauty blogger are fast on the trends and what is better than Ireland Beuaty Blogger Suzanne Jackson of the beauty bible blog actually creating products?!!

Tuesday, 24 May 2016  |  Admin
Beauty on Board, Holiday essentials

t is, dare I say it officially summer season, which means one thing for us Irish folk; heading off to the airport to hop on a plane to catch some guaranteed actual sunshine, that we just are not likely to get here in Ireland. I personally love getting away but I hate being without all my beauty treats, which for me is make up, body lotions, perfumes, hair products, body mists, tan, mitts an the list goes on and on.

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Right Now I'm

Here at Sculpt I love watching trends, especially make up and beauty trends. I think I have some highlight and strobe running through my veins, I am just attracted to pretty beauty things! You know how it is though, one day something is red hot and you can't get you hands on it then in a flash they aren't quite so hot. Remember sleep in rollers anyone?

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The Peter Mark VIP Style Awards Best Dressed

Stye influencers of Ireland brewed up a storm as they assembled onto the red carpet at The Marker Hotel, Dublin last night for the Peter Mark VIP Style Awards. Vogue Williams picked up Most Stylish Woman on the night but here is a round up of our favourites from the night.

ROSANNA DAVIDSON (PICTURED LEFT) Never one to scrimp on the style factor, Rosanna Davidson put her best foot and leg forward in this stunning red, caped gown with a double thigh split from Caris Closet.

Looking simply radiant, Rosanna always gets it right with her make up, a smokey eye, flicked liner and nude, glossed lips never fail! This is one dress to go for if you want to make a style impact at an event. Shop here at

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Getting Ghalichi Glam with Lilly Lashes

Lilly Lashes - The Ultra Glam lash range has arrived in Ireland, exclusively with Sculpt Cosmetics and Sculpt Studio. We are very proud to be the official Irish stockist of this amazing range of mink, glam, re-wearable and re-usable lashes.This lash range has featured on every celeb that you can think of, the Kardashians have all donned them and whats more then even Instagram to tell us what they wear, now that is impressive. The 3D Mink Collection is the ultimate in glamour with its double stacked lashes and are priced at €29.95, the Lurury Collection form Lilly Lashes is a little sister of sorts and is a more natural laid back yet still gorgeous option and is priced at €21.95.