Stargazer | Chunky Glitter Shaker

Stargazer | Chunky Glitter Shaker
Colour: Silver Chunky GlitterColour: UV Green Chunky GlitterColour: UV Orange Chunky GlitterColour: UV White Chunky GlitterColour: Red Chunky GlitterColour: Holographic Chunky Glitter
Our Price:  €4.95

Brand:  Stargazer

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These Stargazer Chunky Glitter are Large flake cosmetic grade glitters for face, nails, hair and body application. The large glitter particles are highly reflective. On the Nails these can be fixed with nail glue or applied to wet nail polish. Then seal them in with clear nail polish. On the skin (eyes, face and body) you can apply with Stargazer Fixing gel. The glitter can be applied to a hair gel or wax to apply the the hair.

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