Melkior | Matte Shadow

Melkior | Matte Shadow
Colour: Black Velvet,  Size: CompactColour: Black Velvet,  Size: Refill OnlyColour: Just White,  Size: CompactColour: Just White,  Size: Refill OnlyColour: Old Brick,  Size: CompactColour: Old Brick,  Size: Refill Only
Colour: Autumn Sunset,  Size: CompactColour: Autumn Sunset,  Size: Refill OnlyColour: Natural Skin,  Size: CompactColour: Natural Skin,  Size: Refill OnlyColour: Deep Purple,  Size: CompactColour: Deep Purple,  Size: Refill Only
Colour: Red Leaf,  Size: CompactColour: Red Leaf,  Size: Refill OnlyColour: Orange,  Size: CompactColour: Orange,  Size: Refill OnlyColour: Yellow,  Size: CompactColour: Yellow,  Size: Refill Only
Colour: Olympian Blue,  Size: CompactColour: Olympian Blue,  Size: Refill OnlyColour: Purple Haze,  Size: CompactColour: Purple Haze,  Size: Refill OnlyColour: Prune,  Size: CompactColour: Prune,  Size: Refill Only
Colour: Maroon,  Size: CompactColour: Maroon,  Size: Refill OnlyColour: City Smog,  Size: CompactColour: City Smog,  Size: Refill OnlyColour: Anthracite,  Size: CompactColour: Anthracite,  Size: Refill Only
Colour: Peach,  Size: CompactColour: Peach,  Size: Refill OnlyColour: Sunflower,  Size: CompactColour: Sunflower,  Size: Refill OnlyColour: Delicate Rose,  Size: CompactColour: Delicate Rose,  Size: Refill Only
Colour: Lilith,  Size: CompactColour: Lilith,  Size: Refill OnlyColour: Chocolate,  Size: CompactColour: Chocolate,  Size: Refill OnlyColour: Soft Skin,  Size: CompactColour: Soft Skin,  Size: Refill Only
Colour: Etheral,  Size: CompactColour: Etheral,  Size: Refill OnlyColour: Coral,  Size: CompactColour: Coral,  Size: Refill OnlyColour: Coral Fusion,  Size: CompactColour: Coral Fusion,  Size: Refill Only
Colour: Sweet Nectar,  Size: CompactColour: Sweet Nectar,  Size: Refill Only
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Brand:  Melkior

Here at Sculpt we know great make up, with the exclusive introduction of the cult Beauty Brand Melkior to the Irish Market. 


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Melkior bring you the ultimate powdered eyeshadow for making a bold beauty statement. These highly pigmented shadows are perfect to create any make up look. Available in compacts and single refills. 




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